Talk about Rolex Submariner

16In the brand of replica watches, no brands as popularity as Rolex, from the old to the younger, and among the series of Rolex watches series, no one series can compare popularity with Submariner, Submariner also namely “water ghost “. Through Rolex Submariner Replica watches to explains this series deeply

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  • In 1905, Hans Wells (the founder of Rolex) with his partner to start Wilsdorf & Davis company in London, The company focus on British and commonwealth countries selling watches and research and development production, The movement of wristed was provide by Aegler company which choose by Hans Wells, and this company which located in Switzerland Biel is the predecessor of Rolex wristwatches factory..

One of the Rolex watch gain the Swiss Official certification which awarded by the Official WatchRating Centre of Biel City, and this is the first time of grant such certification of Switzerland Official.

In 1914, Rolex gain the level of A certificate which awarded by England Kew Observatory. At that time, this attestation just only used to test the measure the timer sailing.  And from then on, wristwatches became the synonymous with precision and precision also become an important characteristic of the best replica watches.

Oyster type

The next difficult must be conquered is the waterproof. If the watches can’t waterproof and dustproof then the wristwatch’s precision must be severely affected. Hans Wells plays his entrepreneurial spirit and great effort again. And develop the waterproof of wristwatches relentlessly. In 1923, the first waterproof watch was born – Rolex Oyster type watches. Through the proprietary technology of Rolex, the watchcase makes the screw-plug outer ring, bottom and cochain watch crown screw tightly. Enclosed waterproof case provides the perfect protection for the movement. All of the Rolex wristwatch use Oyster type watchcase and insure the waterproof, dustproof performance and precision for wristwatch.

In 1927, a young English woman who names Mercedes Gleitze wears the rolex oyster type wrist across the English Channel successfully and confirms the excellent waterproof performance of Rolex oyster type wrist watch