The Birth of Panerai Radiomir and Luminor

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replica panerai

On the eve of the second world war, the demand for luminous watches was no longer just limited to the air, “night” can come in daytime — just needed to dive into the water. Now, please follow me to Italy, where someone knows the Underwater forces with excellent equipment can provide valuable advantage in the war in the region. In November 1918, Rossetti major and Paolucci lieutenant in Pola port beat the cruisers of Austro-Hungary and made it sink, and go down in history as the first batch of submarine warfare units.

Inspired by this feat, 10th MAS flotilla underwater combat troops hoped to secretly dive and swim towards goal nearly, destroy them, and instantly leave from. But first of all, to meet the night and underwater operation requirements, the member of the MAS flotilla needed reliable and innovative equipments, including the real diving watches with good water proofing property and high recognition degree, but a lot of work required to achieve excellent recognition. An officer of the MAS flotilla heard a watchmaking workshop in Florence, so went to meet with the old Guido Panerai, they had the same ideas and decided to develop a watch to meet the demands of the Italian navy future combat.

Once again, radium became the solution. Replica Panerai developed the famous “sandwich” dial, and the dial surface is composed of two overlapping sheets, the upper plate dealt with hollow-out treatment at 12 o ‘clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock time scales calibration positions, the underlying plate applied to laser luminous coating. And the watch dial is in the 47 mm oversize watchcase, matching with the rolex movement, so Radiomir series was born. This is the origin of the whole story. Italian diving forces went into action, they inspired the world navies. By the end of the war, Panerai produced just over 1000 watches, MAS flotilla forces also equipped with the new Radiomir watches series, but all of these are as a military secret.